Car Maintenance Tasks You Should Do Yourself To Cut Maintenance Costs

Everyone knows that owning a car comes with some ongoing financial responsibilities. If you want your vehicle to stay in good shape for years to come, you'll need to do a good job of keeping it on a regular maintenance schedule. One way you could save at least a little bit of money on these costs is to do some of the easier tasks yourself. Here are 3 relatively easy car maintenance tasks for you to try.

Change the Air Filter

Replacing an air filter is extremely easy and doesn't even require any special tools, although any shop that has car tools for sale will also likely sell air filters. The air filter is usually located in a solid case with metal clips on either side under your hood, but check your owner's manual to be sure. When you open the case, notice which way the old filter is inserted, as this will educate you on the correct way to insert the new filter. Simply pull out the old filter and pop the new one in place, and then put the housing back on and resecure the metal clips. You're done.

Install New Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are often one part of a car that many owners slack off on replacing on a regular basis. But if you get into a habit of putting new wipers on at the first sign of wear and tear, you'll be thankful the next time it rains and you have a much better view of the road. Almost all windshield wipers are installed the same way, but again, check your owner's manual to make sure. Simply hold one wiper up away from the car and search for a tab on the bottom part of the wiper. Pulling this tab will allow you to slide the actual wiper off of the arm. You then pop the new windshield wiper into place following the same instructions in reverse. Once you've done this with both wipers, you've completed the task.

Clean Your Battery

Car batteries can develop corrosion over time. This is easily removed in just a few minutes if you know what to do. Open the hood and carefully remove the battery cables, always removing the negative side first. Take a wire brush or a toothbrush and a mixture of some baking soda and water and gently scrub the posts. If you want to take the protective covering off of the battery terminals completely, most shops with automotive tools for sale will have a wrench that will work. When you are done cleaning and the terminals are dry, put everything back on.

Car maintenance is something that every car owner has to do on a regular basis, but there are some tasks that are relatively easy to do on your own in order to save a few bucks. Your air filter and windshield wipers can easily be replaced in just a few minutes, and scrubbing corrosion off of your battery terminals won't take much longer. If you need car tools to help you with these and other auto maintenance tasks, contact a company like JB Tool Sales Inc.