3 Accessories To Go With Your New Restaurant Hood

If you are purchasing a new hood for your stove in your restaurant, here are three accessories that you may want to consider purchasing to go with your new restaurant hood.

#1 Fire Suppression System

When setting up the hood for your restaurant, you should also purchase a fire suppression system to go with it. This is a smart move to make for the safety of your employees and your kitchen. 

A fire suppression system works in one of two ways. First, it can pull the oxygen out of the air in the area of the fire, thus helping to extinguish it. Or, it can use a synthetic agent to absorb the  heat and thus suppress the fire. The system that you need depends on your unique kitchen set-up and needs. 

For example, if a grease fire were to start on your stove, the fire suppression system that you purchased and installed with the hood will help contain the situation by putting out the fire before it is able to spread. When working with grease and fire, you can never be too careful, and this small investment will help protect the overall investment that you made in your business. 

#2 Exhaust Fan

You are going to need to purchase an exhaust fan to go with your new restaurant hood. An exhaust fan will draw up the air and the fumes that your cooking creates, and propel it out of the building. 

The location of your stove, as well as the size of your stove, are two important pieces of information you need to have with you when you go shopping for an exhaust fan. This information will help choose the right speed and size for the exhaust fan for your particular set-up.

#3 Supply Fan

You may also want to install a supply fan, which is also known as a make-up air fan. This type of fan is designed to pull air back into your kitchen and keep the air pressure balanced within the kitchen area of your restaurant.

In some areas, you may be required by law to install a supply fan. Even if you are not required by law to install a supply fan in your kitchen, it can be a good idea and can help keep the airflow more balanced and regulated in your kitchen area.

If you are in the process of purchasing an commercial restaurant hood, look into purchasing an exhaust fan, supply air fan and fire suppression system. It is easiest to install all three of these things at the same time as you install your new restaurant hood. Click here for more information.