Steps For Planning Your Funeral From Casket To Reception

If you are planning your own funeral, you have the opportunity to choose the exact service you would like. This takes a difficult step away from those who care about you and will have many other things to think about following your passing. Taking these steps will ensure that you plan your funeral during a time that it not quite so emotional, giving you exactly the type of service you want, from casket to memorial headstone.

Personal Touches

Do you have ideas for personal readings you would like at your service? Do you have a special song you would like to be played? Now is the time to designate which readings you would like, as well as what other personal references you would like to include.

Contact Information for Attendees

In the days of the Internet, it is quite possible that you have people you want to be notified in the event of your passing that your family members might not know about. Make sure that you leave behind steps for notifying important people in your life about your funeral plans.

Venue Selection

Many funeral service providers will offer their own venues, but if you are having a celebration of life or memorial, you might have a specific venue in mind already. This is an important consideration. If you have speakers, for instance, you may want a venue with an excellent sound system. In selecting a venue, think about how many people you want to attend the service as well as how close you want it to be to those you love.


Do you want your obituary posted online or printed in the newspaper? You can choose to write your own obituary or have one written by a friend rather than the newspaper. This is something you should decide early on.


If you want to hold a reception following your funeral, you have several options. You can choose to pay for the service now, or simply set money aside for your family. You can also make your wishes known whether or not you would like to have food, live music, or something else.


Your casket may be the final vessel that transports and holds your body. For many, the structure and appearance of the casket is important. Talk to your family about the type of casket you would like. Custom options are available. Contact a company like Elmwood Casket Company to learn more.

The best step you can take is to talk to your family about your wishes. In most cases, families do want to do what is best for the ones they love, but they cannot do this if they do not know what you want.