An Overview Of How An Old Surfer Should Arrange To Have Their Ashes Scattered In The Pacific Ocean Off Of California

The days of surfing California beaches with a golden tan and ripped body seem to drift away too soon for many surfers. As old age sets in, thoughts of leaving this world takes on more importance and the inevitable thoughts of where one wants to have their ashes placed can fill the minds many surfers as their time on earth nears an end. If you are thinking of having your ashes placed along the shores you surfed as a young person, there are a few things you are going to need to do as you make your plans for the final resting place of your ashes. Here is an overview of how you should plan and get ready for the final ceremony meant to celebrate your life.

Put Your Wishes in Writing

California law will protect your wishes to be buried in the waters you once surfed provided you have left clear written instructions of your wishes and you have paid for the service or have made arrangements through other funds or life and insurance policies you have left behind. If you don't do this, a spouse or another family member will have the final control over your remains.

Beach Scattering

You should know that scattering the ashes on the beach of your youth is not allowed. California law requires that cremated ashes have to be dumped out at least three miles from the coastal shoreline. You will have to rely on the waves bringing your ashes back to shore. If your loved ones are caught illegally scattering your ashes on the shoreline, they could be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor. You'll need to make arrangements with other people to have your ashes scattered at sea.

Cremated Remains Disposer

You will need to utilize the services of a Cremated Remains Disposer (CRD). The CRD will get the necessary permit to scatter your ashes. This permit is called an "Application and Permit for Disposition of Human Remains". The permit allows the CRD to scatter your ashes at sea.

Chartering Service

If you want to have a special ceremony planned, you should make arrangements with an Ash Scattering Chartering (ASC) service to take your loved ones and the CRD out to sea so your ashes can be scattered. You can arrange with the ASC the type of music you want to have played and the type of food you want to offer to your final guests as you say goodbye to the place you've loved the most as you surfed the cold waters of the Pacific off of the coast of California.

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