Do You Really Need Moving Truck Rental Coverage and Supplementary Insurance?

When you're about to move, it makes perfect sense to want to look for anyway you can to save cash. At the same time that you are working on reserving a truck for your upcoming moving date, you'll be asked questions about the size of the moving truck you want to rent as well as which extra features, supplies, and insurance you are interested in purchasing. You might save some money on your reservation by declining rental truck insurance and using your auto policy to protect you during your move, but you are opening yourself up to a lot of potential complications.

What Does a Personal Auto Policy Cover When Renting a Moving Truck?

If you have rented other vehicles in the past, you probably already are aware of the fact that a personal auto insurance policy can be used on more than just your personal vehicle. While this option works great when you want to rent a car to take out of town for the weekend, personal auto coverage doesn't really do much to protect drivers operating massive moving trucks.

With your personal auto insurance coverage, the only protection you can get on your moving truck is liability insurance. First, you have to confirm that your existing personal car insurance policy does not exclude moving trucks, and then you have to see if there are any additional exclusions that might impact you negatively. Note that moving trucks are tall, and any damage that occurs to the top of your rented truck will not be covered if you opt to use your personal auto insurance policy.

Do You Need Personal Property Insurance When Moving?

Since you've secured a moving truck rental so that you can transport your personal items to a new home, you may want to protect them while they are in transit. Personal property insurance coverage on your personal items is beneficial as you will be covered while the moving truck is in motion, and also when it is parked. This means that you can get reimbursed in case of damage to your items during the course of a move, or even if your truck is broken into and your items go missing.

How to Know If You're Adequately Covered

With coverage on your moving truck, you can get full coverage in the event of an auto accident. That means that whether or not you cause an accident, if someone becomes injured, or if any personal property becomes damaged, you will not be liable for the entire bill. Moving truck rental insurance requires that you pay a premium and there may also be a deductible, but if you are adequately covered, your financial responsibility will be minimal.