Basic Tips On Choosing A Reception Desk For Your Office

The front of your office is the central focal point for all visitors, and it should make a positive impression for everyone. The purpose of the reception area is to provide a welcome entrance for anyone entering your business, therefore you should furnish it accordingly. When choosing a reception desk you have to consider things like the room's overall decor and the desk color, size, and functionality. The information below provides some tips on how to choose an appropriate reception desk for your office.

Reception Area Decor

The reception area is outfitted with not only the main desk, but other furniture as well. Usually, the area is equipped with seating for visitors, tables, and magazine racks. The overall aesthetic of the room should blend well together with the coloring, accessories, and furniture. Before deciding on a reception desk, consider how well everything will work together. Depending on the type of decor, you may want to choose something plain and sleek or rustic and charming.

Reception Area Desk Color

Wall coloring will help you determine the color you want for the reception desk. Traditionally, most offices have kept their wall coloring neutral; however, bright and bold wall colors have been trending lately. The type of desk you choose should be muted in color so it doesn't compete with the wall or accent colors in your office. However, businesses such as salons or digital companies opt for bolder, unconventional color. They want their office to make a statement that they are more modern and hip.

Reception Area Desk Size

Do not buy a reception desk without knowing how much space you have available. This will save you from getting a desk that's too small or too large. Consider measuring the area where you want to have the desk located. Then you can find a desk that is in good proportion to the area and will not look awkward or out of place.

Reception Area Desk Space

The desk you choose for your receptionist should have enough work area space. Consider what their daily job duties will consist of and how they would be able to accomplish them comfortably. There should be enough drawers or compartments so they can keep their desk clean and clutter free. In addition, they should have enough room to maneuver around comfortably to greet guests appropriately as well.  

If you are unsure of the type of reception desk that would work best for your office, consider speaking with an office furniture consultant, such as D&R Office Works, Inc.