3 Office Milestones Befitting Custom Employee Plaques For Recognition

There are a lot of good reasons to make sure your office staff feels appreciated at your place of business, and there are a lot of things you can do to make that happen. From making sure employees are recognized in company emails for their accomplishments to announcing their names in morning meetings, attaboys are always a good thing. However, handing over something physical that an employee can keep when they reach a milestone or achievement is always a better way to make things memorable. Customized employee plaques purchased from a company like Trophy Awards are inexpensive and befitting when you want to ensure an associate feels special. Here are a few occasions when handing over a custom plaque would be a good idea at the office. 

Your employee reaches a special milestone in years of service. 

Dealing with employee turnovers can be costly and worrisome, but it is those hard-working individuals that stick it out with your business for the long haul that make things easy. If you have an employee in the office who has managed to stick around for five, ten, or twenty years or more, make sure they know how much you appreciate the fact that they have committed to so many years of service with a custom plaque. 

Your employee goes above and beyond to help others in the office. 

Those star performers in the workplace that go out of their way to lend a helping hand to the rest of the team whenever it is necessary are truly gems in the office. If you have someone who is always willing to jump in and help, make sure this special employee knows just how much you value their extra efforts with a custom plaque. You could have the plaque printed with their name and a commendation or special title, such as "Valuable Team Player" or "Helping-Hand Employee."

Your employee achieves a long stretch of perfect attendance. 

When you have employees that you know will show up everyday and put forth their best effort, it makes things a lot easier as an office manager or business owner. Make sure when employees make it through a long stretch of time without missing a day, they know how much you appreciate their stellar attendance record. You could keep a running tally of those in the office who make it through a year without an absence or tardy occurrence and hand out custom plaques to these individuals at the beginning of every year.