Why Use Pecky Cypress On Your Wall Paneling?

If you've decided to install wood panels on some of your interior walls, then you have to choose the right wood for the job. If you're looking for something a little different, then it's worth considering pecky cypress panels.

What is pecky cypress and what are the benefits of using it as paneling?

What Is Pecky Cypress?

Pecky cypress has different characteristics to other woods. It looks different. Rather than being smooth and uniform, it has natural holes in it.

This is essentially a standard cypress wood that has had fungal activity in it in the past. If this fungus gets inside a cypress tree, then it eats away at the wood. When you cut the wood, you get darker spots, pits, and holes running vertically on the surface.

At this stage, the fungus is gone. It simply leaves behind different patterns and textures in the wood which are only visible when you turn it into timber planks or panels.

Why Use Pecky Cypress Panels?

While pecky cypress has some cosmetic differences, it retains a lot of the tree's good qualities. It has the same natural sheen and patina as regular cypress. It is also a strong and stable wood that has useful built-in insect resistance.

This is a perfect wood for cosmetic projects that need to have a high standard of finish. However, while pecky cypress is strong, it does contain holes. So, it isn't necessarily the best wood to use as sole structural support.

This isn't typically a problem. Nobody wants to hide away the beauty of pecky cypress; they want to display it. Pecky cypress panels are highly-prized for their good looks and slightly rustic appearance.

So, the main advantage for most homeowners who choose to use this wood is its esthetic appeal and unusual markings. Pecky cypress panels stand out in a room. They become a design feature that adds character to a wall.

This could be a great option for you if you like your décor to be a little different from what's in fashion right now. This fungal effect is relatively rare in cypress trees — it doesn't happen in every tree — so you'll be using a wood that isn't commonly available. You won't see it in many homes.

To find out more about pecky cypress and to see some examples of how it could transform your walls, contact your local lumber supply company.