An Online Platform For Your Apartment Complex Residents And Staff

Advertising your apartment complex and welcoming individuals and families to the community that you own are the initial steps associated with forging a relationship with your new tenants. If you encounter situations in which you are not present or your maintenance crew is not available to assist a renter, you could potentially lose one or more of your clients. Using a community engagement platform will ensure that your tenants' concerns are addressed, plus will allow you to relay pertinent information.

An Online Application That Is Easy To Use

Maintaining business relationships can be difficult and things can go wrong, even if you are pretty certain that you have covered all bases. For instance, your maintenance crew may be busy with a project at one point and a resident may continuously call the office to your building, being left with the option of leaving a message with the receptionist or leaving a voicemail message.

Even though you might have full intentions of keeping your property and apartment units maintained, a problem can arise at any time. Instead of dealing with disgruntled tenants and lost calls, use an online application, which will allow both your tenants and your staff members to relay messages to one another. With this type of setup, a tenant can quickly access the application and type some information about their concern. When you or one of your maintenance crew reviews the messages, systematic callbacks can be performed. 

Perfect For After Hours

If you and your maintenance staff work predominantly during the daytime and handle needs on an 'as need' basis, there are probably many problems that crop up at the end of the day. With an online community engagement platform, you and your staff members will be informed about problems, no matter what time of the day it is.

Because an application like this can be accessed remotely, you or another staff member can routinely check the platform and keep track of any impending issues. This will allow you to reach out to your tenants and any people who will be responsible for assessing a situation. When tenants are reassured that their issues are going to be addressed, they may feel more comfortable about their living situation.

When you or another member of your team has something to announce to the tenants, it won't need to be completed independently. Use a community engagement platform to provide updates that your residents need to be informed about.