Heated Mats That Will Melt Snow And Ice

A stair tread is a horizontal platform that is walked upon when climbing or descending a staircase. Outdoor steps that are constructed of metal or wood can become encased in ice or snow during the winter, posing the risk of slipping when residents use the stairways leading to upper-level apartments. Heated step treads consist of adding a heated barrier that will prevent precipitation from accumulating.

Suitable For All Foot Traffic Areas

Heated mats contain a waterproof sheath and venting technology, which will melt ice and snow and allow the liquid to disperse through each mat. This results in no water pooling on surfaces that are being walked upon. After a snow or ice storm, melted precipitation will evaporate.

Heated mats can remain on step treads throughout the winter season and each mat contains a textured surface, which will aid in keeping one's feet stable while standing on the coverings. Measure the length and width of each tread and count the number of steps that are exposed to the elements. Purchase a heated mat set that contains enough fabric panels to cover each tread.

In addition to protecting staircases, heated mats can be used to form a barrier on sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Larger fabric panels are designed to cover spacious paved surfaces and each panel will contain a connector, which will allow the mats to be attached to the main electrical source. A power plug will be included with a mat set and the cord is safe for use outdoors.

Easy To Install And Maintain

Once you purchase a set of heated mats, clean the stairs that will be covered. Wait for each tread to dry, before laying a mat across its surface. Mats are weighted and contain a grip like surface, which will keep the heated mats stabilized. After you have secured all of the mats, locate the connector piece that is attached to the side of each mat.

Attach all of the connecting pieces and secure the end of the wiring to the electrical cord. Plug in the mats and turn on the button that activates the heating feature. The mats can remain turned on all day and night. You will not need to be concerned about a power surge because the heated components contain a built-in sensor that will automatically turn the mats off if an electrical issue arises. At the end of the winter, clean the surface of each mat and store the mats indoors.