Six Routine Practices That Help You Keep Up With Needed Aluminum Dock Repairs

There are a lot of small, routine repairs you'll want to perform periodically to keep your aluminum dock in the best possible shape over time. The more vigilant you are about keeping up with these minor repairs, the easier it will be for you to avoid larger and more costly repair needs over time.

The following are six simple, routine practices that help you keep up with needed aluminum dock repairs

Photographing your dock periodically to detect changes in its appearance over time

One thing that can really help you stay aware of repair needs is regularly photographing your dock. Taking pictures every few weeks from various angles helps you notice slight shifts over time in your dock's structure. 

If your dock starts leaning to one side or sinking in one area, it's a sign that you have some serious issues that warrant repair. While it can be hard to notice these changes, pictures taken from the past can help you compare your current dock to how your dock looked a few months ago. This is a great way to promptly address structural changes before they get worse. 

Performing periodic inspections

You also need to inspect your dock every few weeks and look out for anything unusual. Check for problems like rust development or cracks developing in dock surfaces. Then, you can perform the necessary repairs. 

Replacing hardware that's coming out of place or rusting

One simple deck repair that can really make a big difference in the condition of your deck over time is checking for missing hardware and replacing it as necessary.

In addition to replacing missing hardware, you should also replace hardware that is looking very rusted to the point that it may be losing its strength. 

Checking dock posts for damage both above and below the water level

You should especially be paying attention to dock posts when performing inspections. Make sure that you're looking at your dock posts both above and below the water.

Get a pair of goggles so that you can inspect the post surface beneath the water level. This will help you detect underwater damage that needs to be repaired. 

Using anodized aluminum

If you need to replace any parts of your aluminum dock, make sure you always use anodized aluminum replacement parts. Anodized aluminum is resistant to rust development. Anodized aluminum is also durable and easy to clean. 

Performing thorough cleanings

Simple cleanings can go a long way in improving both the functionality and the appearance of your aluminum dock over time. One great thing about an aluminum dock is that it can quickly and conveniently be cleaned with a power washer.