Share These Details in Advance of Your Child's Virtual Santa Visit

If your child is unable to visit the Santa Claus booth at your local shopping center for any reason, you want to do all that you can to make the weeks leading up to Christmas exciting. There's little doubt that a child may feel discouraged about not being able to see Santa in person, but you can surprise your child by arranging a virtual Santa visit.

Several different companies provide this online experience for families, so you can evaluate a few options to find one that suits you. When you book a virtual visit, you often have the option of providing several details about your child so that Santa be seem informed, which is something that can create a magical feel for your child. Here are some details to share.

Your Child's Wish List

While you can expect that your child will read their Christmas wish list to Santa during the virtual visit, it can be useful to provide this information in advance. In addition to listing a few things that your child will ask for, provide some additional details. This way, Santa can seem more informed. For example, if your child were to ask for remote control vehicle, Santa could say that he believes your child wants a red monster truck. You'll have fun watching your child's excited response, all because you provided this key detail in advance.

Your Child's Interests 

Discussing the Christmas wish list will be the main event during the virtual call, but you can expect that Santa will make a little banter with your child. When you book your session, include a few of your child's interests. Santa will use this information to make some informed comments that will please your child — for example, asking how their basketball season is going or if they're ready for their upcoming performance in the church pageant.

Your Child's Accomplishments

It can also be nice to briefly list a few of your child's recent accomplishments so that Santa can refer to them, as Santa always wants to know if a child has been good. This is another custom touch that will enhance this virtual experience for your child. You might list some academic successes, such as your child earning high marks in a couple of classes or being a public speaking competition finalist. There may be accomplishments outside of school that you wish to cite, such as your child completing their list of household chores every week. By providing these small details during your virtual Santa booking, the experience will have a custom and exciting feel for your child.