Why Have Your Bathtub Refinished?

Many people choose to shower on a daily basis, taking the opportunity to quickly get clean. However, baths provide another level of luxury. There's nothing quite like sinking into a warm, scented bath after a long day. In order to continue enjoying excellent baths, you'll need to keep your bathtub in great condition. Bathtubs can grow chipped and stained with wear over time. Fortunately, reglazing can restore any bathtub. Here are four reasons to have your bathtub refinished:

1. Avoid the expense of replacing your bathtub.

Bathtubs aren't cheap. They can cost several hundred dollars before installation. Bathtubs are heavy and often require the work of both contractors and plumbers during installation and removal. It's wise to hold on to your current bathtub for as long as possible to save yourself the hassle and expense. Bathtub reglazing can restore tubs that are beginning to show signs of damage and wear. It's a way to extend the life of your bathtub for another decade or more.

2. Prevent water damage in your home.

Damaged bathtubs typically aren't pretty to look at. However, the issues they can cause extends beyond the realm of simple aesthetics. These bathtubs can spring leaks, causing water damage in your home. An undetected leak can create mold beneath the floor of your bathroom or inside its walls. It can even cause your flooring or walls to warp and buckle. Bathtub reglazing is a preemptive measure that will protect your home from leaks.

3. Alter the color of your bathtub.

Reglazing your bathtub will also give you the opportunity to change the appearance of your bathroom. Remodeling is perfect for anyone who has grown bored of the appearance of their home. When you reglaze your bathtub, you can choose to change its color. If you're tired of plain white porcelain, you can try a pretty pastel color. If you're looking for something more sophisticated, you can have your bathtub reglazed in a sedate beige or a dark slate color.

4. Create a clean, smooth surface to relax in the bath.

Finally, refinishing your bathtub can make it a more pleasant place to bathe. Chipped enamel can feel rough and unpleasant on your skin. It can also be difficult to clean, harboring bacteria in its nooks and crannies. Fortunately, refinishing your bathtub will give you a smooth, pleasant place to sit when you take a bath. Newly glazed bathtubs are also easy to scrub and disinfect.

To learn more, contact a bathtub reglazing or refinishing company.