Preparing Your Property To Have A Well Drilled

A water well is a property upgrade that can offer your home a reliable source of water. If you are planning o have this upgrade made to your property, it is necessary to ensure you are taking the right steps to prepare for this work.

Determine The Capacity You Will Need From The New Well

The overall capacity of the water well is an important planning consideration that may impact many of the other choices that you make when drilling a water well. For example, this could impact the size of the well pump that you choose to install, which may impact the size of the shaft that needs to be drilled. In addition to the amount of water that you expect to use from the well, it is also necessary to comply with local restrictions that may limit the amount of water that a single well is able to extract.

Have A Designated Plan For Managing The Debris From The Well Drilling

Water well drilling projects can create fairly large amounts of debris that will need to be managed. Individuals often assume that this will always be rock and dirt that was removed during the drilling process. However, clearing brush or other foliage from the area where the drilling is to be done can also produce waste that you will have to manage. Renting a construction debris dumpster prior to the start of the drilling can avoid the need to create large debris piles on your property that may be more difficult to clean up when the work has been completed.

Mark All Potential Utility Lines That May Be Buried Under The Property

Another critical step in the preparation process for the well drilling work is the need to mark the buried utility lines on the property. Failing to mark these lines can increase the risk of the drill striking the buried line and causing considerable damage. If you failed to have the utility lines marked prior to the start of the drilling work, you could be fully liable for the costs of repairing the damage that occurred. Luckily, utility companies will make it fairly easy to have these lines marked on your property, and this will have to be one of the steps that you take prior to the arrival of the drilling provider. In addition to protecting you against these liabilities, many communities will require these lines to be marked as part of the terms for being issued a permit to drill a well.

For more information about well drilling, contact a local business.