Is It Time For Commercial Deep Fryer Repair?

A minor problem with your commercial deep fryer will slow down processes in your business and cause downtime and massive losses. Therefore, you should invest in regular deep fryer inspection and maintenance to allow the restaurant equipment repair specialist to identify problems in their initial stage.

Also, always be on the lookout for signs that your deep fryer is faulty and rectify the issues before they escalate to expensive restaurant equipment repair and replacements. Discover some signs that your commercial deep fryer is broken.

Broken Thermostat

The thermostat is like the brain behind a deep fryer. It controls the oil temperature and cuts the heat when the oil reaches your desired temperature.

If the thermostat is faulty, the coil will overheat and make your food excessively hard. In the same way, the oil may not attain the desired temperature, making your food soggy.

However, problems with the thermostat are not always a call for an alarm. Perhaps someone accidentally set the temperatures too high or too low. Therefore, before you contact a restaurant equipment repair specialist, reset the temperature and monitor the thermostat behavior once you turn on the fryer.

The other possible cause of a faulty thermostat is a faulty connection. Maybe the thermostat is not getting powered due to faulty wires or a loose connection. To fix this issue, reconnect the wires and then reset the thermostat settings. If the heating problem persists, contact a restaurant equipment repair professional to inspect the thermostat for other underlying issues.

Faulty Burner

An efficient commercial deep fryer should burn evenly for perfect frying. If you notice uneven flames that look smaller than usual, that may signify that your burners are clogged.

Fortunately, blocked burners are easy to fix. You only need to clean them, but make sure you have the right tools and skills. Otherwise, you may end up with completely failed burners. Carefully remove the debris around the burner cavities to allow efficient ignition.

If the flames don't improve after cleaning, that means the fryer has other underlying problems that require the expertise of a food service equipment repair technician. Contact a professional to inspect the condition of the fuel lines and repair them if necessary.

Deep fryers are a must-have in most restaurants, so you cannot afford to have yours malfunction even for a day. Contact a reliable repair technician immediately if you notice any of the above signs that the equipment needs repairs. The restaurant equipment repair technician will check the extent of the damage and advise you if you should fix or replace the deep fryer.